Skin Scriptures, poetry by Rob Clark at
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Skin Scriptures

Skin Scriptures

written by: Rob Clark



1. Eyes:

I happened upon her
to behold an unimaginable view
Silhouetted against the canvas
of a tropical twilight ambience
Her indigo soul glowing
while she was blowing
a river
of kisses
at the moon
Making it shimmer in the richest golden hues

We navigated by touch
in purple moonlight
Hands exploring
alien skinscapes
for the first time

Passion erupted unexpected
Unaware that this is where it was headed

Call it chance
Call it fate
But, all in all
this was no mistake


2. Shades, Hues, & Sonatas:

Blue jean dreams in the form of cut off shorts
I adored how she poured into such warmth

I reveled in the new connection
My summer rose
and our revalescence
into juxtaposed juvenescence

I surrendered
& careened
into each new scene
of these blue jean dreams


Her strings bend & blend
The music of her skin
Passions rise
A crescendo of sweetness
A reprise
The tempo between us
Her heartbeat, a cadence
Rhythm within awakens
I progress through her chords
until we’re out of breath & on the floor


An intermittent intermission…

Silent lucidity
A soft pause
Yet the rhythmic essence
never falls off
The violaceous iridescence
of each timeless vestige
I aim to be where her lips fall
Stir in her curves
The shape of her hips
A long awaited return to bliss


Syncopated glances
My Monday buzz
seeing her soaked
head to toe
in the afterglow
of our Sunday love
Coalescing into
a tangle in the sheets
Entangled in every within
Deep into every in-between

We made a day of it
to thunderstorm
& heartbeat cadences


Honey do’s
for a stunning Muse
Bliss drenched lips
Honeysuckle aftertaste
Long after the kiss
My knees buckled as her rapture rained
Leaving me completely drenched
Pleasure is a sanctuary
Please leave me buried deep in her grips


Fingers across zippers
Her bodice falls off
& w/o pause
She offers skin scriptures
& gossamer whispers
They hit me
thick & sticky
so they stick w/me
like permanent fixtures
I’m a bit lost
’til I’m back in the mix
of her elixir
Dissolved into her form like a tincture


for a soirée
with my Muse


3. Foreplay:
as different hues play

Lips painted red
Purple passion beneath
She pours the taste
without pause
Pure joi

I play
in the
until she’s tickled pink



I’m under her bliss
which is
relentlessly raining

She shows no refrain
& lets it rain

Letting it pour
from every pore
Let me remain
to have never left her shores
My toes in her sands
as she unfolds in my hands


Sweet indulgences
Beneath the stelliferous canopy
She’s unfolding like the lotus she is
Beyond space & time
Each eternal blissful moment
Where yesterday and tomorrow cease to exist
She is
my every dream
my every wish


My contrails against
her Rayleigh scatter
Sharp edges
give way to contrasted shades
Vivid display
We dance
Rhythmic sway
I never stood a chance
We misbehave
& do so a little extreme
Whistling steam
Loud & Proud
Never ashamed
Scribbling ink
Blues & pinks


Climatic goals acquired
The apex of bliss
Souls afire
The taste of a kiss
Unfolding desire
Origami equipped lips

She’s composed of passion and emotions
I make myself at home in the vastness of her oceans

The apex of bliss
The taste of a kiss


4. Her:

Not your traditional vision of fruition in bloom
Rough around the edges
& always awfully restless
There seemed to never be enough time in the day to cash out the checklist

Ad-hoc racing against a clock
Fully invested
She was unwavering dedication personified


5. Prelude to Chaos:

I meander
along the veranda
w/o correlation

Hors d’oeuvres

That’s when she beckoned
A mystery cloaked in luminescence

Silhouetted oceans
peering right through me
Pirouetted emotions
engineered to seduce me

I was already gone…


6. Chaos:

Is it tomorrow yet?
If not, perhaps I could borrow
some sweetness
to offset the tyranny
of the sorrow kept

Vestiges of yesterdays
that never fade

A temporary reprieve
A momentary relief
A brief escape
from being
a fettered slave
tethered to this pain

Pins and needles
Swimming in my chest
Sleeping evils
Please, let them rest
Not to cut me slack
But to give them strength
to go the length
and finish the task

Its hungry periphery
brooding darkness
as eventide
Ready to feast on the receding light

A mosh pit of shadows
gather in the corner of my eye
Composed of silence
An empty voice echoes around
the caverns of my soul
Disturbing cobwebs
in darken corners
that I call home
I find myself the loneliest
when I’m not alone…

I escape
into her pink
for a quick fix


7. Harmony Rejuvenated:

Fall into me
Here in the dark
All into me
Spilling your stars & scars
Let me in
& let’s begin
healing your heart

If you believe in the love I write of
then unity ignites us
Static electricity
These shocking moments
Let me see those eyes light up


Reaching in
Deep within
So much I want to say


Lingering on her every move
as she removes her lingerie


I don’t say a word
I just get lost in her curves


She liked her coffee sweet
& better yet
She liked me
She was never afraid to show it either
While her coffee was sweet
She was even sweeter
This girl made of spice
Melting away a world made of ice

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