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Eli's Evaluation

written by: Alyssa Brocker



he told me that
i didn't know how to
that i would rather
plan out a road trip
to the last
than take a
random one.
that i never truly
listened to the lecture,
just what would be on the test.
that i thought about
why i should be
instead of
why i should be
that i cared so much about
the stares of others,
i never kissed him in public.
that i was never
i was just thinking of
the next thing i had to get done.
i guess
he knew me better
than i thought.

Alyssa Brocker

Alyssa Brocker

2016 AUTHOR OF THE YEAR at Spillwords.com
Alyssa Brocker is a twenty-year old college graduate.
She found her love for poetry by working with her theater group to create an original play written in prose.
She lives with her beloved dog who is always her first reader.
Alyssa Brocker

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