I'm My Mother's Son, a poem by Walid Boureghda at Spillwords.com
Keagan Henman

I’m My Mother’s Son

I’m My Mother’s Son

written by: Walid Boureghda


I’m my mother’s son,
A kind of person to meet;
I’m her rays of sun,
Always standing on my feet.

She raised me with care
After the death of my dad;
And with her bro there,
Things just didn’t go so bad.

She sowed love in me,
She did teach me to be strong,
She did teach me to be free
Sailing the life’s seas along.

I’m my mother’s boy.
I’m not at all prodigal.
I’m the fruit of bless and joy;
My life has grown lyrical.

She did pass away,
Over a decade ago;
During nights and days,
She’s in my heart, and lo!

I’m now alone on my own,
Struggling the endless groan.

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