The Wickedest Witch, a poem by Simon Drake at
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The Wickedest Witch

The Wickedest Witch

written by: Simon Drake


Time to leave the house of sweets
In the forest of despair
I’ve got my cat I’m dressed all black
With matching wavy hair

I double check my mirror
Ask who’s the fairest of them all
Not me, I’m evil personified
I won’t be taken to the Ball

Halloween night, it’s party time
I’ll spread anarchy and doom
I whistle for my taxi
Hey presto, there’s my broom

Little children are the prize
My evil plans have hatched
My pointy hat is banging
With pointy shoes to match

You won’t find a wickeder, wicked witch
In fact, you won’t find me at all
I am the one doing the seeking
Don’t answer when I call

Trick or treat my pretty
With a pumpkin on your porch
The lights are on, I know you’re home
I can read your inner thoughts

Tap, tap, tap on your window
Why don’t you come and have a look
I can smell a tasty child
One I’d love to cook

Toil and trouble my Cauldron bubbles
Once lost, you’re never found
Never going home empty-handed
Dark magic never lets me down

Halloween, it’s party time
This wicked witch has had her fill
Don’t worry about picking up my tab
Unaccompanied children pay my bill

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