Butterfly, a poem by Simon Drake at Spillwords.com
Annie Spratt



written by: Simon Drake


Living in the shadows
You have never seen the light
Too afraid to face the sun
The beams are far too bright

You have lived a half existence
At no time have you felt whole
Somethings always missing
Never connecting with your soul

Your words they have no meaning
You don’t speak from your heart
If asked to speak with feeling
You wouldn’t know where to start

You have always been a slave in life
Trapped in your own cocoon
The butterfly has never emerged
You’re alive in your own tomb

How can you escape this fate
unaware that it’s not right
Wriggle and flap your wings a little
Then perhaps you might take flight

It’s so easy to give good advice
From a place where I am free
I don’t know what you’ve been through
As I call for you to come join me

Just know you do have options
You never have to be alone
Your choices will determine the steps you take
Yet your journey is your own

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