Let There Be Light, a poem by Luisa Kay Reyes at Spillwords.com

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

written by: Luisa Kay Reyes


In the very beginning The Good Lord said
Amidst the formless void, “Let there be light.”
And the light from the darkness was shed
Pleasing Almighty God with its sight.

Although His Good Word is a light to our path
The darkness for several held some sway
Who blithely ignored the tragic aftermath
Of keeping kind virtue always at bay.

Thus it appeared that the light was forever gone
With the warmth and the glow of a candle
Being the only hint of a Heavenly echelon
Faith could keep from the stealthy vandal.

But then a single star on Christmas night
Revealed to all that The Light of the World
As it shone brightly with all of its might
Had come to show The Truth was unfurled.

For The Light of Life as a baby was born
As Christ came to help us live in the light
With His Great Light the earth to adorn
Pledging, “Let there be light,” to hold upright.

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