Spookified, poetry by Franci Eugenia Hoffman at Spillwords.com
DC Williams



written by: Franci Eugenia Hoffman



witches transcend the moon
dressed in inky black satin, beyond
stars wedded in vagrant clouds
the night still, the air gelid

come soar, come soar
musty bats play hide-n-seek
black crows caw silenced secrets
sultry aromas assault the air

a creaky old house haunted indeed
with webbed plastered walls, seduced
and dusty with dancing apparitions,
succumbed from yesteryear neglect

and for you my sweets
special treats in the cauldron
oh, how spookylicious
tasty bits of creepy crawlies
and a pinch of dragon’s breath

come hither not yon and unite
for Halloween is upon us
as we bear witness and sojourn
outside this world and revel
in boisterous glee.

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