Christmas Frenzy, a poem by Franci Eugenia Hoffman at

Christmas Frenzy

Christmas Frenzy

written by: Franci Eugenia Hoffman



My, oh my
the eve is nigh
in a tizzy
elves are busy
gifts for you
gifts from me
best get hopping
best get shopping

Oh, I’m tired
rather sit by the fire
crackle pop
online shop
cozy blankie
sniffle hankie

For goodness sake
pies to make
cookies to bake
turkey gobbling
kids are squabbling
Christmas tree?
Oh, woe is me

Santa baby
I’m not lazy
glad to spread your cheer
if only once a year
round the table
citing fables
families gather
ala carte blather
holiday meal success
though under duress
I try my best

Santa baby
glad to share your spirit
please no demerits
my feet are tired
my brain is wired
yet the season gainful
for that I’m grateful

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