The Crossroads Fencer, a poem by Amrita Valan at

The Crossroads Fencer

The Crossroads Fencer

written by: Amrita Valan



Now this sword had immense power
It could foretell the evil hour
It would strike its intended prey
And it dripped its bloody trail to lead the way
Broken heart and broken hilt
upon the wayside warm blood lay split
A shadow pressed upon the air
haunted spaces lingering there
Speaking darkness, of a devil’s lair

Where crossroads meet
To devour and dice
All who come feel the rip and slice
Of a sword wielded by an unseen power
When arrives the evil murderous hour.
At zero dark upon Halloween’s eve
When the moon turns ebony
Demon pupil with crimson fringe!

There upon the crossroads shall lie
The gore of those, who would
dare fate to die,
Venture there to sell their souls
For paltry treasure, fracture the whole.
Oh never make wishes
That split your soul!

For you will leave, a bit of you behind,
A tiny piece for the devil’s grind,
And once he’s chewed upon this tasty rind
Evermore shall you lose your mind.

The sword caresses the chill night air.
It draws carcasses upon it,
In strokes thin as hair
it shimmers, glimmers and grins
If it feels you stare.
The sword wields
The kiss of death upon night’s lips laid bare.
The gleam of lust a bloodthirsty rust
on its blade.
At haunted crossroads think twice to tread
Venture not into cold dead night
for you will meet with grief
Upon unholy rood waits the crossroad fencer on
All Hallows Eve.

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