Big Loud Toys, poetry written by Michael Ball at
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Big Loud Toys

Big Loud Toys

written by: Michael Ball



Hundreds of feet high
in a tower-crane cab swivel chair,
and likewise close to the brown and red dirt
in the seat of a motor grader,
smudged and sinewy operators
remain little kids…puerile.

When I and likely you were wee,
we went “Whee!” and “Vroom”
and we roared as we pushed Tonka
dozers and diggers.

If we had grownups to help plan
and build our Erector-set projects,
toys of aggravating bolts and nuts,
we just spoke, well, childish noises.

Know here and now, big boys pushing
the long levers topped with round, black knobs
and twisting the huge steering wheels
make the same noises, grinning all the while.

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