Circles Everywhere, a poem by Michael Ball at

Circles Everywhere

Circles Everywhere

written by: Michael Ball



Circles abound on this solar eclipse,
Our moon is a gray then a black circle
Our is sun a searing, colorless one.

Plump birds the shape and size of ping-pong balls,
those black capped chickadees sit in bushes.
They insistently call fee bee and dee dee

The Science Guy orders us all to drive
100 miles into totality
for that life-changing four minutes. Trust him.

On cue, our round birds — with river crows,
sparrows, and downy woodpeckers chattered,
Then, just as suddenly they shut their beaks.

As foretold, one circle slid slow across
another circle, making the sky dark.

One would be quite the naif to see magic
in those circles. and yet lackaday,
we lack the wonder of the ignorant.

Watch and sense your children and their children.
Multiply your dull, jaded lives times theirs.
Puerile delights can carry you away.

At five and seven years, I believed
the impossible transubstantiation.
Somehow bread and juice transformed in my mouth.

There is glory in such naiveté.
Bring me Christ’s body and the next eclipse!

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