Touchable Tibetan Sky, poetry by Farzaneh Haratyan at

Touchable Tibetan Sky

Touchable Tibetan Sky

written by: Farzaneh Haratyan


My first moments in Tibet,
In the enigmatic altitude of Earth,
Everest in Himalaya
Where the sky bends,
To kiss the Earth on her face.
Where dialogues of silence,
Indulge those who witness.

I can touch and caress the sky.
Tears refuse to cease rolling.
For every cell of the soul,
There is a tall drop of tears.
In line, in a rush to be released,
They have been stored for centuries.

When I am with thee, the almighty,
The sky is within reach.
This Iranian Muslim woman is speechless and lost.
I can’t find myself,
I don’t remember my name.
There is no sign of me.
I am missed in a wonderment,
And I harbor no desire to return, to be saved.
To be discovered and reclaimed.

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