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Thursday Night at the Tic-Toc Lounge

written by: Tara Dasso


Here’s to us
staked out
in the corner of the bar
gently moving to the blues

Good girls hung out at Naismith’s
Tic-Toc lounge was where the real action was.

Two-dollar Captain and Cokes with lime
That is unless Larry
bought a round of Hennesseys.
He'd tell stories of the sushi bar
he hoped to open
while we were checking our reflections
youthful vanity
unique and special
always friends
prancing in tank tops
leather pants
tough city girls
until last call.

Then retreat
to the suburbs
where we would wash our faces
return our costumes to the closet.

Tara Dasso

Tara Dasso

Tara Dasso is a poet from Western Massachusetts. Her work focuses on the extraordinary moments in ordinary everyday life. She loves to collaborate across genres and is an amateur photographer as well. As a hearing-impaired individual, she appreciates the opportunity to communicate so much through the written word. She is co-founder of Write-up Springfield a monthly creative writing group committed to promoting and providing opportunities to collaboration for Springfield-area artists. Her work has been published in Dark Ink Magazine, Page & Spine, Silkworm and others. Her poems will be featured in the upcoming issues of Carcosa literary magazine and Peregrine.
Tara Dasso

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