Broken, Yet Still Beating, Heart, poetry by Ana Silva at

Broken, Yet Still Beating, Heart

Broken, Yet Still Beating, Heart

written by: Ana Silva



At the dead of the night,
I have found the power behind
A broken, yet still beating, heart,
Whispering hope in the dark.

I have sought the world
For answers and keywords,
So to fix all that I can’t solve,
Forgetting the key I already own.

Hearts get broken way too many times,
But, time after time, they came out alright,
For they are meant to keep alive
Bodies that want to give up when they lay in the dark.

Hearts are the answer, the key, the solution.
Hearts hold the wisdom, the strength, the commotion,
As they know, with pure certainty, that you must fight
For the dreams that keep you up at night…

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