Couture Understanding, poetry by Ursula Levi at

Couture Understanding

Couture Understanding

written by: Ursula Levi



My scattered debris and your scoops for understanding.
Seems like all we do is communicate together.
Your shades of understanding and my outburst of colored pencils.
Seems like all we have is a blending palette.
The fabric it takes to create this couture representation of she believes and he has faith is only found in one place.
We pick up shards from the ceiling and grind them to dust.
No more fear of “fall-out” and injury from the past.
“Throw caution to the wind,” and be free of it.
Be Gone debris!!!
My scattered smiles and giggles and your understanding has scooped me up.
Seems we do like to communicate together.
Understanding the shades of you I can’t help my outbursts of coloring in pencil.
Taking time to get each color just right on our palette.
Finding our secret place where we can create our couture designs in your faith and my belief.

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