Tea With Santa, poetry by Ursula Levi at Spillwords.com

Tea With Santa

Tea With Santa

written by: Ursula Levi



When Santa came over we sat and talked
About reindeer and snowflakes and toys in the shop.
He tore up his list about naughty and nice,
Saying everyone has a bad day once or thrice.
He told me it’s not about what you receive;
Not to hurt others with words that deceive.
Santa said always give gifts that are kind
And don’t go along as if following the blind.
Gifts that mean the most come from someone’s heart,
Bringing you together not tearing you apart.
When you see someone’s light that’s their gift to you:
Their brightness, their colors, every new hue.
The gift we receive from the Santa we know:
Emotional strength always helps when we grow,
Keeping us calm, open mind, heart and eyes.
Giving spoken gifts in your truth not in lies.
When Santa came over we both made a list,
Of all that we’d like to give others as gifts…

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