In The Midst of The Winter Dark, a poem by Ana Silva at

In The Midst of The Winter Dark

In The Midst of The Winter Dark

written by: Ana Silva



The pain in my chest
Screams my name
As I battle through each night
Failing to rest.

Tears in my eyes
Make me believe water can burn,
So maybe I can die whilst being alive,
Dethroned from my life by my own mind.

I have always felt the cold
Slowly freezing my bones;
As fragile as a little girl’s doll
I’m an iceberg shattering against my bedroom wall.

“New year, new me” has always been a lie,
There’s never been a time barrier
Able to keep the flame of the dream alive,
So I float in the midst of the winter dark,
Trying to find back my strength through my own art.

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