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In The Midst of The Winter Dark

written by: Ana Silva



The pain in my chest
Screams my name
As I battle through each night
Failing to rest.

Tears in my eyes
Make me believe water can burn,
So maybe I can die whilst being alive,
Dethroned from my life by my own mind.

I have always felt the cold
Slowly freezing my bones;
As fragile as a little girl’s doll
I’m an iceberg shattering against my bedroom wall.

“New year, new me” has always been a lie,
There’s never been a time barrier
Able to keep the flame of the dream alive,
So I float in the midst of the winter dark,
Trying to find back my strength through my own art.

Ana Silva

Ana Silva

Ana Silva is passionate about books and music, holds a strong belief for love and has a tender appreciation for chocolate. She finds solace in her writing and her works are inspired by life experiences as much as fiction wise.
You can easily find more about her work on her blog It Takes Courage... And Lots of Chocolate.
Ana Silva

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