Black Swans, poetry written by Elizabeth Barton at
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Black Swans

Black Swans

written by: Elizabeth Barton



A crowd of black swans smudges the edge of the sky,
Compass point of the liminal place;
Between night and day the veil parts
Summoning recall of a dream of Ra
Where I stood in the Library of Remembrance
And found the origin of a perplexing curse;
When I flew through the canopy of stars,
When in a place remote and unimaginable
I navigated my way through celestial crevasses
And possessed magical forbidden things;
Trespassing, I have brought them back to my world,
I behold them now in my mind’s eye;
The sky is cobalt clear; the wind is cool
And black swans make a hurried wave,
Flickering shadows above the comfort of houses
Before they recede into the horizon of mystery.

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