In The Beginning, poetry written by Elaine Marie at
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In The Beginning…

In The Beginning…

written by: Elaine Marie



In antiquity, I knew you… as the age-old chant began.
I felt you course within me, at the very dawn of man.
I hovered in the darkness o’er the churning void below.
Lost in the experience, of what I did not know…
Within eternal darkness, I remembered once again,
Two measures of one being… a woman and a man.
I felt the whisper that the wind evoked within my soul,
Revealed unto my spirit, the unveiling of the scroll…
I felt the first rainfall upon a time that was unknown.
I knew the fall of man upon the lie of golden stone.
Remembered in the spirit from that ancient aged dawn,
Were wings of light, within my soul… upon once I had flown.
Then in your eyes… I recognized, that kindred, daring flight.
Deep within the withers, of the darkest of the night,
When all was deathly silent, and there was no light at all,
Upon the whisper of this time, I heard the ancients call.
The primal memory of you… echoed on my skin,
To tempt that which is sleeping… to awaken once again.
In this time, I know you, in the fullness of the light…
Yet I know… I‘ve known you… beyond the edge of night.
In antiquity, I knew you… as the age-old chant began,
I felt you course within me—at the very dawn of man…

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