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Coming Home

Coming Home

written by: Luiz Syphre



driving up an unpaved street
by the cemetery creek
with the encapsulating fragrance of mesquite
can’t wait for you and I to meet

my vessel skipping like a stone
on this puddled road en route alone
headlights fight the break of dawn
interrupted by a spotted fawn

it’s a vagabond chasing after mom
sailing on, I steer the sea of green forest
to find her in her favorite dress, where bones rest
undrown from devotions unexpressed

I anchor my ship side stern
by the shrubs and fern
then, I collect a red flower
a tiny wish that once bloomed as ours

from my garden of hope
to gift her past the scour
but the petals flavored that of smoke
and in my hands in two broke

far below, the strewn lights
of the curved city roads
clamp my eyes their way
and glow as starry skyways

like the freckles in maze
once upon her tender sweet face
I urge a rest to my quest
lest the rising orange jewel

graveyard ghosts and ghouls
so hurry now my aching feet
her presence crushes my defeats
and this morning star will not repeat

I pass the vaults, tombs and ominous crypts
in this old necropolis
it remains from age autonomous
untouched by the hands of time

there where I’ll find the wife of mine
you see, I am the day sleeper
the one they call undead, blood-fed
not breathing, walking stained red

one hundred times two years ago
an angel’s whispering blow arrested my Lucio
and cuffed her to infinite below
morphing divinity to forever foe

tired, lonely and aching to come home
I stand alone in woe front her tombstone
await god’s sun to be dethroned
fall from the kingdom empty of my queen

I will burn out for her embrace, in kerosene


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