Broken Pieces, a poem by Luiz Syphre at
Cottonbro Studio

Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces

written & performed by: Luiz Syphre



I wish I could gather all
your shards and splinters
your broken pieces blanketing all I see
like the white of snow covers the hills in winter

hidden behind your quiet whimpers
I see you unbreak and simper
so darling, for a happy you
I’d search and put all torn you

sad and blue
on a table top with a little glue
I know I would take all my love
with my hands in gloves

and caress every part like fine art
tenderly with patience
give your little pieces lots of kisses
and a hug that squishes with my loving wishes

finally, I’d color you with smooches
put you back together
unbroken and better
my beautiful epiphany

glass and wood
like a fine tiffany

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