Pinwheel, a poem by Antonia Wang at
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written by: Antonia Wang



The clarinet won’t sing
without forced air,
and ivory missed the rainbow
of a pinwheel.

It’s not your first choice, but still…
It’s less dire than to watch
you hyperventilate.

Electrodes can’t surf
but they call tell
of the drowning of a heart
at a spiking wave.

I am saved
on the shoulders of a violin
moaning at a safe distance,
aching at the touch
of bow to string.

The flashing lights are retro-disco.
We can dance in the same room
as long as you blink
and stay for the whole song
and help me be strong
as you unlock the wind.

Antonia Wang

Antonia Wang

Antonia Wang is a foodie, poet, and yogi born in the Dominican Republic. She is the Amazon best-selling author of Love Bites, In the Posh Cocoon, Hindsight 2020, Retrospectiva 2020, and Palette. Her poetry has been featured in various literary magazines and anthologies. She writes in English and Spanish and lives in the United States.
Antonia Wang

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