Cravings, a poem written by Azumee at
Arpad Spodni



written by: Azumee


I miss the taste of wine,
Cakes with cherries on top.
I miss the dust on a line
Which never seemed enough.

I miss the paper that I roll,
The foil that I’ve burnt.
I miss the charcoal,
From the sheesha that I’ve smoked.

But what I miss is no more a wish,
For it’s a chapter that I’ve closed.
My mind is now a dish,
Open to be explored.

I crave for chicken wings,
A smile on every human being.
I crave for the end of sufferings,
To speak and openly sing.

I crave for something sweet,
Words that make me feel.
I crave for some sound sleep,
To wake up from a happy dream.

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