You're Lucky I'm A Lady, poem by Karen Southall Watts at
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You’re Lucky I’m A Lady

You’re Lucky I’m A Lady

written by: Karen Southall Watts



The man on my left asked me, “And where IS your husband tonight?”
I took my fish fork, and stabbed him in the thigh.
The hostess whispered loudly about how brave I was,
And how this was a very good thing because,
“She is ten pounds too heavy for that dress.”
This of course meant I had to pour the duck sauce,
Orange and sticky and sure to stain
Onto her best linens.
When I asked for the bread,
The woman on my right said, “Do you really think you should?”
Presented with the warm, fluffy rolls I took two.
One to eat and one to butter heavily and drop into her expensive purse.
Fantasy over, I left the overdone powder room,
And marched out to the patio for coffee and dessert.

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