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If Love Exists II

If Love Exists

Part II

written by: Amrita Valan



I write without self esteem
I write for my betterment
Oh, keep me, hold me true
In the garden of your heart
A rain-washed faded monument.

Standing up to face her pain,
Up at a grey sky clouded though,
She knows hides blue firmaments.
The Ivy whispers as the nettle does
We cover and obscure our torn hearts
Thorns that pricked apart comfort
Oh, hold fast in fortress of solitude
Love exists because it must.

The keeping of an ancient trust
Though the wild wind whispering
Counsels doubt from every bough
The twisted limbs of death’s deceit
Far above and far about,
Spread the seeds of our lonesome path
There is not a shred nor inkling of distrust
Yet I feel the qualms of misgivings
When my innards wail for your offerings.

A shadowy mark suspends upon the wall
My cross to bear is what keeps me whole
A redemption beyond this present tense
I will find you my star, at the very end
And with care and love shall resurrect
What only exists now as lore, or faith,
Love exists because the heart believes
Love exists because only thus it can relieve.

A tear of space and time that tore apart
Indivisible atom of our conjoined hearts
I feel you, now and forever will, sweet
Will o’ the wisp. Through sleet and mist.
Shall pray we find, our love again
Though love itself be blind, we will,
End stop pain,

Meanwhile a lonely monument, in
The wilderness I shed a tear
An icicle of hard abandonment
That roils darkness into thunderstorm
It begins to rain heaving hail stones,
And each lightning strikes reveals
Effacement of my stony face.

Dissolution into such mighty grace
I fall apart, ashes at the feet of God
I am now garden, I am the ground he trod,
And there I lie a half-lived eroded pebble,
An accursed Ahalya, am I,
But I am not a lie.

Someday I shall arise to the touch of
God. Forgiven for what I know not, but
Someday we will both know why.
Restored to splendid resurrection
The apple of each other’s eye.



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