Bring Back Our Girls, a poem written by Umar Yogiza Jr at

Bring Back Our Girls

Bring Back Our Girls

written by: Umar Yogiza Jr



bring back our girls
and only their shadows were brought back
without a soul
wretchedly pregnant with darkness

our sweet little girls were stolen in pampas
returned to us like sacks of finished goods
of what excluded them more from us

what can we do with them now?
how can someone ask this question?
just because our stolen girls
are now mothers of innocent terrorists
we saw destruction hidden in their breasts
a silent importance ground
reduced to heavenwards smoke
they are the girls we loaned tears
to lie and cry for them to be brought back

the stolen chibok girls cannot
suddenly become relics of a destroyed history
the unexploded explosion
in their desert-clouded eyes
are the bombs that may not harm us
if we do not return the love lost in our mind
but shall destroy what we love the most

in fact, do you know a terrorist?
the answer is the god you worship daily
as a direction to heaven, depicted
in a holy book’s skeleton
founded on poetic rhymes

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