Christmas Movies, a poem written by Roger Turner at

Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies

written by: Roger Turner



I love to sit in comfort
At home watching TV
I watch my favorite movies
The ones that work for me

It’s not a Christmas movie
Just because there’s snow
That’s something folks at Hallmark
Should be told, so someone knows

To me, A Christmas movie
Has Santa and a gift
It has a Christmas message
It gives people a lift

Getting lost in a big snowstorm
Finding love in a small town
Doesn’t make it Christmas
In fact, it brings me down

I want music, Bing and Danny
Scrooge, Kris Kringle, silent night
I want movies I grew up with
I want films in black and white

I watch movies that will touch me
Make me feel what’s deep inside
I want to feel the Christmas spirit
I want shepherds to abide

A Christmas film is something
I want to sit and watch each year
I want to understand what they are saying
I want the message to be clear

Entertain me, make me feel it
Films traditional and new
I want to travel backwards
To remember Christmas past….don’t you

A real good Christmas movie
Brings memories into my mind
Of sitting down with Grandpa
Things Hallmark doesn’t find

So, even though it starts a fire
No matter what you see
It may be a Christmas film to you
But, it may not be to me

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