I'm Fine, Everything Is Fine, prose by Jennifer Lai at Spillwords.com
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I’m Fine, Everything Is Fine

I’m Fine, Everything Is Fine

written by: Jennifer Lai


Your father, who left your mother last month, sent you a check you don’t want inside a birthday card you can’t stand to look at. The picture on the card shows a happy family, but your family is anything but happy. He wrote that he’s sorry he can’t be with you but to purchase something nice. XO.

Your mother, who’s never home, texted you to find your own dinner because she’ll be running late. Again. She tells you work is busy. But her work is always busy. And you think she’s busy with something else.

Your brother, who’s stationed overseas, wishes you a happy birthday but can’t talk for very long. He just re-enlisted and won’t be back for Christmas and hopes you understand.

Your ex-friend, who used to be your best friend, just updated her Facebook status: In a relationship. She’s gotten seventy likes in the last twenty minutes and added a new picture. Her new beau is your old beau who was your everything until yesterday.

You stand alone on the edge of the golden gate bridge and contemplate your day. A fireman approaches and asks you how you’re doing. You tell him you’re fine, everything is fine.

But you know that’s a lie.

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