She Protects Me, poetry written by Linda M. Crate at

She Protects Me

She Protects Me

written by: Linda M. Crate



she isn’t evil
like i was always taught,
just another piece
of me;

the dark feminine
begged me to hear her but i was
afraid to acknowledge her

told that one should avoid the
darkness not make friends with it—

but she grabbed my hand and made me realize
we are one, there can be no light
without darkness;

she isn’t evil but she does have fangs
and we’ll be respected or you’ll be dead to us—

we drink tea together now,
and i embrace my shadows
because i know without them
i wouldn’t see the wings of my light;

and she isn’t grotesque or vile
like i always thought

she protects me from being shattered by the patriarchy.

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