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Los Hechos

Los Hechos


de José A. Gómez


Dime como sucedió

No resisto este misterio

Por las calles se rumora

Que hasta bajaron el cielo

No me importa ese rumor

Pero si lo que yo entiendo

Que entren mas se quejan dejan

Que yo me arraigue a los hechos

Jose A Gomez

Jose A Gomez

SEPTEMBER 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Why I write? I can give you thousands of reasons but nonetheless it's a desire to chat, and share my thoughts with you; ideas and motives that can make us discern, and help us comprehend why things are so. Should we be in accordance or not, I've met my goal which is to make you think.
Jose A Gomez

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