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Am I Appropriate Enough?

Am I Appropriate Enough?

written by: Shawntelle Moncy



Since childhood, we have had an imprint in our minds of what’s right and what’s wrong, appropriate and inappropriate.
Of course manners are learned to teach common respect and some common sense, but I think what is wrong and what is right can be altered by everyone’s opinion, therefore, once you develop and decide who you are in this world, it is your own opinion to decide if what you do is appropriate.
As a current student in journalism, I currently am being told and having to respond to what is considered appropriate as a journalist.
What to wear, what to say, how to behave, what not to do on social media, how to construct the perfect resume. And all I can think during this time is, “I will not be told who I am by an employer!” Don’t employers hire you for who you are, isn’t it your talent, opinions and way of inspiration what attracts someone to look to you in the first place?
If we were all to abide by these guidelines, what would set us apart from one another, what would keep us from working almost robotically?
Well… I refuse.
Why should I ever pretend to be something that I am not? Nothing about this would be to better myself whatsoever, but more of to lose myself completely.
We make choices for money in these modern days more than for the happiness of ourselves. We slowly strip away our personalities that make us unique, to fit the role of what is “appropriate.”
We seek progress, not in what we believe are our own personal successes, but in what we are told by society what progress is. To build, to get big jobs, to know big people, to know a lot of politics. Well, you know most of these topics, I do not qualify under. I am still in college and I already consider myself progressing and being successful because I know where my goals lie. They may be different, but I have a destination of where I’m going that I believe in.
Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t possess these things anymore; living their lives with clouded minds, basing their decisions off of what is expected and what is “appropriate,” and therefore, always feeling dissatisfied throughout their lives.
I am not meaning to be judgmental, I speak for myself when I say this as well, I am still struggling to climb out of the robotic structure of our modern world. We separate ourselves from everything natural this Earth holds, anything from nature to our own natural instincts and opinions.
When people question me that I am not traveling to some big city to get a hot shot job that will make a lot of money, I have gotten to the point that I am so inspired in the things I want to do with my life that it no longer matters. I will make true differences in this world instead of destroying it. I know that deep inside their minds they wish they would have done the same at my age, and I hope that one day they will aspire to me, that I never caved into this society which has become this Earth’s black hole.

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