Fall, a poem written by Leila Ziari at Spillwords.com
Aaron Burden



written by: Leila Ziari


The dawning of the new, a seasonal shift
Paradoxical significance within this cyclical metamorphosis
Feel the revisions in the wind whilst my heart beats below your skin
The gusts of equilibrium blown into this Libra season

Forces of the Equinox have solidified the grip
I’m tangled up in a cloak of velvet
Can I swaddle you in this tenderness?
Entwine you in my fortress, a sanctuary of bliss

Summer fades into the abyss
Under the moonlight your lips are the vision in which I kiss
The dawn breaks and you I miss
Lay out your hand, I’ll give it a twist

Upon each star for you I wish
I pray to the constellations, chat with Venus
Will you surrender to our harvest?
Permit this passion to commence

Deep introspection upon our commitment
My love, will you shed that thick skin
Below the canopy of leaves a crimson
Unlock the door, take the risk and let me in

Autumn leaves are falling, crisp air has risen
Beneath the soil where all shadows are driven
I root myself within this vision
To adorn you in the protection of my prism

Summer flings vanish, yet you I always adore
Shivers in the obsidian night, your arms I wish to explore
Leave that shield at my unrestricted door
Derobe your suit of armor upon my floor

Inch by inch, step by step
Moving closer, void of regret
Lover, leap into my safety net
I’ll catch you within our inlet

The crossing where soul and body intersect
I’ll go the mile, traverse any distance
Will you house the courage to connect?
Boldly sign your name upon our lover’s contract

Seize the bounty within the season of abundance
Stripped of our senses in a forest of bewilderment
Free to frolic in the wilderness

Neath the amber cover of enchantment

Slide into the slipstream of my reality
Guzzle from my flourishing chalice of duality
Bathe in the passionate perfume of clarity
Inhale our romantic scenery

Whistle a tune, I’ll listen for the call within you
Ask yourself, what’s left to lose?
Only the darkness of heart that’s infused
And momentary lapses void of you

My dear, in truth I’d rather go blind
Than never peer upon your eyes within this lifetime
So as summer fades below the horizon line
Will you cross the great divide?

I call upon you with a breathless sigh
And a heart that will never compromise
Fear not a horrific demise
For that impulse of soul never lies

Trust the soul to decide
Let seeds of intention plant outside the mind
Nourish this new beginning with thoughts so kind
Turn your heart over to me, say you’ll be mine

As citrine leaves start to die our love is free to come alive
Within this spark we both shall rise
Sprinkled in to the dust of stars that shine
As the nymphs of autumn deem this mystic hour our fated time

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