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Writing Is The Easy Part

written by: John Patrick Robbins


I remember you asked me long ago, "Where do you get your ideas?"

As if I had some answer to this process that others far better suited could not explain themselves.

"I have no idea sweetheart I just pen them as they come to me".

I couldn't say how I created, It was just part of me for so long I really had no control over it.

Much like insanity it thrives in the chaos.

"You need to be writing John".

"I need a drink kid, And I need you in my bed", I said putting my hand on her thigh.

"You already have me".

She replied as we sat there in the sand listening to the waves crashing into the shore.

I hadn't written a damn thing in a while, I was happy in my life knowing that storm on the horizon would soon enough have me seeking shelter.

And knowing that I would be alone once again.

I pen these pages now in the depths of a place where creation is easy but life is not.

Writing is never the hard part of our existence and if it is you're not meant to write.

Truth like a good storm can never be ignored.
The page holds no mystery.

It simply bares the fruit of a storm ravaged existence.

John Patrick Robbins

John Patrick Robbins

John Patrick Robbins, is a barroom poet whose work can be read at Inbetween Hangover's, Your One Phone Call, The Poets Community, The Outlaw Poetry Network, and at Hello Poetry. His work and words are always unfiltered.
John Patrick Robbins

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