You Traveler, a poem written by Odebode Tayo at
Samuel Elias Nadler

You Traveler

You Traveler

written by: Odebode Tayo


O you traveler
Touring this field of trials
Look back to that day
When waves of thoughts
Rippled via your mind.

Please look back
To those seconds, minutes, hours
When void of plans gelled up
‘n formed a solid Pilar of
Imagination ‘n determination.

That fateful day
When fuel of starting
Stoked up the fire of daring
‘n willed the engine of dreams
To traverse the road of fate.

Those sleepless nights
When sleep deserted the eyes
‘n the bed made enemies with
Your back ‘n creaked out songs
Of sorrows paired with Lamentations.

Those strenuous noons when
You delved into the ocean of world
When tsunami of destruction nearly
Swept off your legs of willpower
‘n ripped you into countless smithereens.

Those days
When you had to squeeze
Through narrow path of hardships
‘n had to knock off that set
Of blockades of discouragements.

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