My Tongue Lost Its Potency, a poem by Odebode Tayo at

My Tongue Lost Its Potency

My Tongue Lost Its Potency

written by: Odebode Tayo


Is it just a feeling
Or the real happening
But my dear mouth
Lost its potency

Like the horizon
Covered in thick cloth
Of morning icy fog
My mind is muddled

I feel like
I’m living in a dream
Perhaps life is a dream
Portrayed in a stage of reality?

I see life
Whipping fleeting
Like the whiz of wind
Assaulting my tender ears

I see the bottom
Standing imposingly
Atop while the head is
Buried in soil of civilization

I see abnormalities
Seizing the power
From the loose clutches
Of the usual normality

Many anomalies
Taking the stage
Performing with impunity
While humans sit ‘n watch

Yet I can’t
Salvage the itches
Spread out on my tongue
While I writhe in discomfort.

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