My Tongue Lost Its Potency, a poem by Odebode Tayo at

My Tongue Lost Its Potency

My Tongue Lost Its Potency

written by: Odebode Tayo


Is it just a feeling
Or the real happening
But my dear mouth
Lost its potency

Like the horizon
Covered in thick cloth
Of morning icy fog
My mind is muddled

I feel like
I’m living in a dream
Perhaps life is a dream
Portrayed in a stage of reality?

I see life
Whipping fleeting
Like the whiz of wind
Assaulting my tender ears

I see the bottom
Standing imposingly
Atop while the head is
Buried in soil of civilization

I see abnormalities
Seizing the power
From the loose clutches
Of the usual normality

Many anomalies
Taking the stage
Performing with impunity
While humans sit ‘n watch

Yet I can’t
Salvage the itches
Spread out on my tongue
While I writhe in discomfort.

Odebode Tayo

Odebode Tayo

Odebode Tayo (Phenom) is a published poet whose poetry can be found online. He hails from Ogbomoso, Oyo state, where he attained both, primary and secondary education. He later proceeded to study BSc in mathematics at University of Ilorin. He's a lover of art of which he had chosen poetry as a preferable genre, as well as an avid reader who loves to write through the voice suppressed down in his heart for his readers to learn from.
Odebode Tayo

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