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It’s Just a Dream of Fantasy

It’s Just a Dream of Fantasy

written by: Odebode Tayo


This journey took me far
Right beyond my imaginations
I’ve ridden a horse of hopes
And flew on a bird of dreams

I’ve seen a wide land of life
With no contours nor slopes
Endowed with green grasses
Colored in fruitful plants

I’ve seen a clear outline of life
So serene and damn beautiful
Free of stresses and struggles
Bustling with loves and loyalties

Pains and disappointments
Woke me up to a state of reality
I realized I’m fucking lost
In a land of dreams of a fairytale

I’ve imagined a ride without bumps
A straight road free of thorns
A battle without a touch of defeats
Nor do I expect an air of failures

All have been in my world
Where I see no flaws with life
Nor have I seen it a battlefield
All were in my dream of imaginations

So I realized I have to
Wear my armor of sweats
Armed with weapons of determination
And grab a shield of consistencies.

Odebode Tayo

Odebode Tayo

Odebode Tayo (Phenom) is a published poet whose poetry can be found online. He hails from Ogbomoso, Oyo state, where he attained both, primary and secondary education. He later proceeded to study BSc in mathematics at University of Ilorin. He's a lover of art of which he had chosen poetry as a preferable genre, as well as an avid reader who loves to write through the voice suppressed down in his heart for his readers to learn from.
Odebode Tayo

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