It's Just a Dream of Fantasy, a poem by Odebode Tayo at
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It’s Just a Dream of Fantasy

It’s Just a Dream of Fantasy

written by: Odebode Tayo


This journey took me far
Right beyond my imaginations
I’ve ridden a horse of hopes
And flew on a bird of dreams

I’ve seen a wide land of life
With no contours nor slopes
Endowed with green grasses
Colored in fruitful plants

I’ve seen a clear outline of life
So serene and damn beautiful
Free of stresses and struggles
Bustling with loves and loyalties

Pains and disappointments
Woke me up to a state of reality
I realized I’m fucking lost
In a land of dreams of a fairytale

I’ve imagined a ride without bumps
A straight road free of thorns
A battle without a touch of defeats
Nor do I expect an air of failures

All have been in my world
Where I see no flaws with life
Nor have I seen it a battlefield
All were in my dream of imaginations

So I realized I have to
Wear my armor of sweats
Armed with weapons of determination
And grab a shield of consistencies.

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