Pointy Headed Man, poetry written by Steve Green at Spillwords.com
Wim van 't Einde

Pointy Headed Man

Pointy Headed Man

written by: Steve Green



The strict
and powerful
Bishop of Order

Worships at
the alter of
Rigid Structure

Prays from
the Book of Absolute Static

Preaches ye olde world order
to the well funded top enders

While out
in the unscrubbed streets
the wild dogs are a howling

Weary of fighting
over the scraps
of the past…

Oh my fellow riff raff
the times they are a changing fast

Social media outlets
spewing discontent
in all directions

Transmitting history as it happens

Real time events
that can no longer
be spun properly
by old school media

Corporate lap dogs no longer able
to compartmentalize the commotion
or marginalize the collective pain

Walls that have stood for centuries
come tumbling

by the unstoppable frustrations
finally unleashed

The Bishop of
Crumbling Order
desperately tries to crush
rampant dissent by pious decree


As the forces of today
finally triumph
over weary yesterdays

The bitter cleric
of course will
never relent

Wraps himself
in his tattered banner


to his fellow ghosts
about the good old days
and their lost domination

He thrusts his tarnished staff
that once symbolized power
into the smudged mirror

Shattering the illusion forever
that rigid institutions
can permanently hold dominion
over an enlightened population

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