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Allegory of Love

written by: Claude Seguy


For me, love is your face,
The softness of your arms,
The rhythm of your steps,
Your heart tender and pure.

It is also your smile,
The timbre of your voice,
The fusing of your laugh
Causing my wonderment.

It is the wry sparkle of a mischievous look
Of two gold sparkled eyes smiling defiantly.
Relating, as they dance,
The love you feel for me

It's also the pressure of your lovely hand,
And your graceful fingers wandering to find mine,
Last, it is the warm nest of your delicate neck
Where my sweet kisses so amorously rest.

There are these short instants
When, lastly, we enjoy
Our togetherness
Wishing it never ends

Claude Seguy

Claude Seguy

Poète, peintre, cartoonist, caricaturiste, né en France à Paris, présentement résident de Palm Beach en Floride.
Claude Seguy

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