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The Dilemma of an African Child

The Dilemma of an African Child

written by: Eduardo de Bosco


– You want to know me ?

I am kissed by poverty at birth
Our golden sun produces gold no more but heat
I am awaken daily to the crowling of guns
The cock is gone and bullets are its alternative

I am welcomed into this world as a sign of hope
When our signs of hope today are taking us backwards
My mama told me our generation had the key to success
Unfortunately, we are married to frustration and depression

– I don’t know me

I am here and there, lost in the search for life’s meaning
Life hits me hard I’m broken
Like a broken mirror, Sending incomplete images

I am introduced to a wrong identity from birth
Everyone shows me that Europe and America is the ideal place to be
So I’m wondering of all my friends and neighbors
Who like me grew up seeing America and Europe as their new heaven

– So here I am

Trapped in a cage by life’s hunters
My body like an aged person yearns to retire
I am lost in the city of oblivion
My soul I wish will find its way back home

Eduardo De Bosco

Eduardo De Bosco

Eduardo de Bosco is by birth named Edward Boateng. He is a Liberian-Ghanaian, born to a Ghanaian father and a Liberian mother. He is a Salesian of Don Bosco, a Songwriter, an Activist, and a Poet whose love for humanity and the values of society is the chief source of his inspiration in poetry. He has written a number of Socio-Politico poems as well as other poems which present striking interrogatives of his home country Liberia, of Africa and the world at large. His major themes are: Liberation, Reformation, Restoration, Preservation, Self-Discovery, Nature and Religion, and Identity.
Eduardo De Bosco

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