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Wounded Angel

Wounded Angel

written by: Cristina Munoz



A wounded angel stumbles on earth
burnt on the stake of fiery words
Her attackers never bothered to listen,
don’t know her truth, let alone care,
why her enraged pain is there

Whilst loving music even now,
she’s hidden her beauty away,
damn fickle empire eye
Warrior spirit not of this world,
you’re loved still, stick around,
won’t be long before your healed

Stretching majestic scarred wings wide,
soaring high, far like your angelic sound
returning out of furious flames once again
Sinead O’Connor is no one’s victim

More beautiful with hair shaved,
than any woman i’ve seen
Sinead O’Connor is Joan Of Arc,
of the music industry,
My musical heroine,
appearing twice so far in dreams
The most misunderstood artist of all time,
deserves so much better than this

If we could face each other,
sit across a cosy kitchen table,
like in her ‘Chiquitita’ video,
and one of my dreams
i would say,
“Angel eyes i miss you,
even though i listen to you every day
You’re the musical love of my life,
imprinted into my psyche, DNA
Don’t you know by now,
you’ve influenced countless destinies,
left a scar on our world while alive
Your music will never get old, never die.
I believe in you, am worried about you,
please don’t give up, it’s never too late.”

Lately, i can’t help thinking,
listening to Sinead O’Connor sing,
how she’s made my life less lonely,
since i was seventeen
Sometimes i wish, pray,
someone will come along,
be for her,
what she is to countless fans,
all over the globe
ALL she has been,
will always be,
to me

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