Sur Reality, poetry written by Genie Nakano at
Hyunkuk Kim

Sur Reality

Sur Reality

written by: Genie Nakano



we travel
to a foreign land
backpacks only
spoon to keep warm
whisper in empty rooms

shake the room
until the walls turn round
cookie crumbs fall
off the bed
into tasting mouths

surreal dreams
turn real as clocks melt down
from Dali’s trees
time turns
into timelessness

wait up
for northern lights
from out the window
into the window
aurora borealis

makes the room turn warm
a tropical breeze
comes in from the south
fragrant with plumeria

how could this be
keep the scene rolling
even though
nothing makes sense
waiting for the epiphany

I miss
the cry of Marukai
seaweed in the aisles
sesame seeds saimin
shiso shoyu shiso

the camel
gets us onto our feet
we ride across the dunes
as sun climbs up the sky

a sixth sense
tells me a secret
last night tonight
the moon shines everywhere

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