Lying Shadows, a poem written by PatBunny at

Lying Shadows

Lying Shadows

written by: PatBunny


Tears streaming from my eyes,
I say I’ll change, I swear I’ll try.

But they know me too well,
No longer blind to my lies.

The darkness, the bleak shadows,
Falling onto one another like dominoes,

It’s let me go, I’m free to fly,
The question is: Where to now?

There’s a fear of the unknown,
Something we do not know.

Whether the world is black and white,
Or if it’s painted in bright colors.

I take the jump, leap off the cliff,
My wings spreading in flight.

Surrounded in the faint glow of the moonlight,
Finally free from myself and the others.

My wrongs are righted, my lines re-written,
My past no longer hidden, all my lies forgiven.

And those wandering shadows, dancing,
Constantly switching their positions,

Like they’re square-dancing with my problems,
Taking turns and twisting up inside of my head.

Those shadows that mock me. Follow me. Cover me.
They just won’t leave me be,

My cloud of wrong, heavy and dark,
Black woe etched on my face like a canvas,

So long, I’m running away in haste.
All of my pains, everything I’ve faced,

Those dancing, teasing shadows,
Are no more, or so they say.

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