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World’s Greatest

World’s Greatest

written by: Lanre Badmus



The times my back leaned on the ropes…
the hurting heels of hope.
Those moments of bitter blows on my face…
fear frolicked at a very high pace.

Referee’s counting after I crashed on the canvas…
chants of enemies en masse.
Times I tried to get back on my feeble feet.
Pains and history of trembling teeth.

Still the world can’t call me a coward at all.
I’m still on my feet after a thousand falls.
I’ve never thought about throwing in the towel.
For my foes burial, I’ve gotten a shovel.

Like a champion, I’ve taken my chances.
Mohammed Ali and his heroic dances.
I’ve got my records of total knockouts.
My credentials have never been in doubt.

I’ve refused to be intimidated by time.
When I lost my voice at least I mimed.
I remain the unanimous world’s greatest.
When my back leaned on the ropes, I was still the best.

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