Tears, a poem by Introverted Thoughts at Spillwords.com



written by: Introverted Thoughts


I find it absurd
How powerful tears are.
It’s mesmerising how
Easily they flow,
Despite all the
Regret, hatred and sorrow
Weighing them down.

It seems impossible
How so many strong
Feelings and Emotions,
Are liberated,
In the form of petty things
Like salt and water.

Tears cleanse the soul,
Clearing all signs
Of an internal explosion.
An unknown entity
Consoling me from within.
My unrecognised friend.

The tears I shed
Are for me and me alone.
Each tear tells a story
Of a time long gone.
The freedom I experience,
The comfort that consumes me,
As I let it all out
Is second to none.

Tears stream down my face,
Purifying me from within.
They cleanse my very soul
Of sorrow and regret,
Giving me another opportunity
To make the most
Of a new beginning.

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