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Two Sides of One Coin

Two Sides of One Coin

written by: Susan Quinn


My heart is heavy,
My soul is lost,
I look across for your guidance,
And I am met with only frost.

Twenty-four years together as one,
Slowly it ended,
But abruptly was done.
We knew it was coming,
Well over two years,
We had to prepare,
To face all of our fears.

Whether years, months, or days,
Saying goodbye was unthinkable,
How do you let go of the best part of yourself?
The part that was strong, smart, and able?

You left me today,
Though I know, not by choice,
You left me with wishes and rules,
I will follow to the letter,
When they come to yourself,

But next time we meet,
You may lose your cool,
The tattoo will be present,
So don’t carry on like a fool.

I knew from the first date,
That you and I would marry,
You weren’t quite as convinced,
But I wouldn’t let you tarry.

From beginning to end,
We lived as two sides of one coin,
I shall cherish and treasure,
And keep our memories safe,
I will love you forever,
And always see your face.

Our coin is a bit tarnished, with a few small scratches,
But it’s solid and still shines,
We’ve had a lifetime of love and laughter,
And we have lived happily ever after.
So I won’t say Goodbye,

But merely, So Long,
Till we meet again,
Save a place by your side,
I won’t be completely whole, until I am back with you and full of pride.

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