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Pascal Bernardon



written by: Mahua Sen


She is a mosaic of many colours,
a potpourri of experience!
A wreath of sweet basil is her smile…
love transmits from her soul
like fragrant cinnamon!
In the crevices of her brokenness,
she sows seeds of dill and fennel;
to camouflage the morasses
left by time, tide and people!

She bedecks the solitary lane
on her head with saffron hues;
Hues –
borrowed from the half-baked sun
on an autumn morning!
Her facial symmetry is scattered over
distant adorations,
oft, lost amongst the nebulas of worry.
But she collects the pieces and
aesthetically rearranges her silhouette,
with cinders of smile, love, and warmth –
dispersing an aura of cardamom green!
She is a woman!
She is You!
She is I!!

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