How to Raise a Goddess, prose by Yuliya Runnels-Moss at
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How to Raise a Goddess

How to Raise a Goddess

written by: Yuliya Runnels-Moss


Hold her like a star that came to you for guidance. Give her a blessing of the night sky overflowing with silence and peace. Breathe in harmony as every planet’s light is held in balance by a mother’s hand. Her birth is your rebirth and from the womb of the world, you emerge together with starlight in your eyes.

Let Earth welcome her, retrieve her ancestral gifts of faith, help her find a home in her own sacred garden. Tend to her roots, water them with care. Sprinkle stardust at her feet and coax her to step into all possibilities.

Bring her to your sister River so she may always find sanctuary in the voice of the water. Stand with her like Mother Oak as she finds her song climbing your branches. Show her the beauty of each season of life and let her seeds grow in their own time.

Kindle her dreams under the fires of the northern sky – she must know that her light is watched over. Fly in front of her like the breath of a phoenix, carrying indestructible songs of her kin that were once passed down to the winds. Hold her hand at the edge of parting waves and she will know that she, too, can walk across the seas. And when thunder calls her name, help her stand in Truth and raise her voice to the sky.

Comb her hair like threads of destiny, braided by the hands of the Divine Mother. Hold the mirror to the light speaking through her so she remembers who she has always been. Ask the full Moon to whisper as she dances through her dreams that only light makes us whole.

Stitch her a magic carpet to ride in the sky, from ancestral lines coming home to her in a patchwork of blessings. Show her how to shed her skins often and easily and how to drink deep from the source to renew; how a goddess that honours her soul is always in her element. Draw a circle around her that enfolds her in love of the fullest measure.

Teach her to write in free verse and create boldly on solid foundations; to hold her torch under the watchful eye of her star family and revere all the gifts she was born into; to weave with a confident hand a web that connects her to all Nature’s magic, rhythms, and tongues.

Train her to fall forward into the wind on the edge of reality and trust she will always be caught by a net of loving hands, for she lives in more worlds than one. She is a shell singing with a voice of an entire ocean where everything that’s ever been and ever will be breathing by her side.

And when all this is done, show her that the Goddess rises with all her daughters and that you take each step in the dance of self-creation with her hands in yours. You rise together, standing back to back, watching over the entire horizon as the Goddess claps Her hands to the song of your unfoldment and rings in a bright new dawn for your sisters everywhere.

Do this for us all, with love and authority, finding true expression through our shared light. This child is you as you are us, your birth is our rebirth. Together, we complete the circle, so light the fires, take her hand and watch the Goddess rise.

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