Music of The Spheres, prose by Yuliya Runnels-Moss at

Music of The Spheres

Music of The Spheres

written by: Yuliya Runnels-Moss


I look at the sky and hear music – a lullaby cascading in starlight from the vastness of space. I am called home by the distant chorus of the stars, the echoes of their grand symphony played out on another scale. The symmetry of their celestial dance keeps my feet grounded on my journey through time and space. I feel the heartbeat of the heavens pulsing with this music of the spheres and give thanks for every careful, gliding turn of the luminous giants above, that holds space for my planet and keeps chaos from my door.

We are kin, you and I, come from the same cradle. You hold a mirror to my life from your seats of compassionate detachment in every corner of the indigo sky. What looks like eternal grace and balance from my perch in the cosmos is a polished performance, rehearsed from genesis to mastery – harmony shaped by discord, negotiated with wisdom, blossomed into a procession of miracles that makes my horizon glow at night.

As the dusky veil parts and my senses find focus I hear you colliding and being thrown off course, back when the Universe was young. I see your orbits stretched and each of you shaped into single pearls on an invisible string, too precious to crowd together. I feel you’re coming of age as you compete for a place in the Divine structure of the skies and trade places and parts of yourself until you are in no doubt of who you are.

Each a voice for constant, profound change, you have been shaped by your travels without apology. You spin with the knowledge that at every moment you may be asked to switch pace, let go of a partner’s hand and, ultimately, offer up all you have practiced in the name of the universal dance of life. And still you step out, honouring the eternal music of Creation in your impermanent arrangements, holding nothing precious and all life sacred. You are the torches in the night igniting each other, passing the breath of life from the depth of time into the mists of the future, knowing that all is one in the light and that true harmony calls for many singular voices.

Some of you are patient custodians of life carrying precious water through the freezing abyss far away from the Sun. Others constantly reshape matter and energy, proving that opposites and ambivalences can find balance within us. Some of you master your tumultuous natures so perfectly you can turn immense internal pressure into diamond rain. And, all together, you find a way to play this grand array as poetry sprinkled over the heavens like a cadence of light reaching its hand from the heart of the Universe.

It is not perfection that we glimpse from light years away, but the balance with the ebb and flow of a dance that is constantly spinning out into all of Creation. Each movement unfolds a possibility, connects to another, and spirals out, caught by the energy of the next dancer and passing on the starlight to the next leg of its journey. Harmony was never about perfection, it was always right here – in the beating heart of a star, in the silence amidst our melodies weaving together, in our ability to look out from perceived limitations onto the world as it is perpetually created in all its astonishing glory. Harmony is the music of the spheres to which we all dance when we honour our true place in every moment.

On this night, as I trace the flashes and glimmers in the sky I accept the invitation extended to me by my fellow luminous dancers and musicians. The point of poise is where my feet touch the ground and as my toes pick up the rhythm, I feel the cascade of light pouring down and the stars matching my step. I am exactly where I need to be – shaped by the journey, changed by the magic, ready to come home in truth – in harmony.

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