Chrysalis, prose by Yuliya Runnels-Moss at
Ray Hennessy



written by: Yuliya Runnels-Moss


Here you are, one foot out of the chrysalis, stepping into a bright new world. Your sight clear, your sky unclouded, your memory stretching back to the first breath of light. The iridescent wings unfolding around you, glistening with all colours of dawn, proclaim your awakening.

All this time you’ve been creating yourself from a forgotten blueprint, dissolving down to the finest particles of light to be reshaped in your true image. Now, summoning your hidden power to a full flow, you have stumbled upon untold magnificence and revealed gifts you never dreamed possible.

Looking back, you will honour this time in the chrysalis, knowing it for what it was – a time of alchemy, shedding of the old and restoring balance and symmetry to every fragment of your winged Soul.

You will remember how you greeted dawn after dawn from behind its veil, feeling the caress of the Sun, yet not quite ready to meet His gaze. You will recall your own patience as you unraveled the threads of your Divine heritage, one strand at a time, to trace your way back to the glory of God within. You will be reminded of your strength and trust in the magic of this secret transmutation that never slept, and of all the help you were graced with by those who witnessed what you could not yet see, shrouded by inner clouds as you were.

You will give thanks for the radiance of the luminaries sending shards of light through the veil, to give you hope that your work wasn’t in vain; to the forest giants offering shelter and a stable perch to tether your inner growth; to the winds blowing in gold dust and memories of your eternal home, helping you shed what was obscuring the forming brilliance within; to the rain bringing droplets of liquid life to prepare the ground for your emergence into full splendor.

You will sense again the quickening, the unmistakable impulse of the Light, a final push that cracked the wall of your former vessel and let in the full power of the Sun calling you out to play.

You will feel it all in a split second, slipping out of this old shell like a thousand winged seeds letting go of their nests and setting sail on the winds of change. As your own wings dry to reveal what has always been etched into the Soul you will breathe in the luminous silence of the forest celebrating your timely arrival. When the memory of this metamorphosis unravels you will marvel at the profound dissolution that only courage and faith in you knew how to undertake. You will bless the awakening of the dormant light in this house where everything is born and, without reservation, all the myriad of your Soul’s patterns will suffuse with harmony, and the true span of your wings will be made manifest.

You will rise, following the gold dust on the wind that will take you back to the certainty of love and grace, and leave your wings dipped in the first light of dawn. And the time will come, as it was always foretold, when your dance above the clouds calls forth a tide of light that washes over the great forest, and you will give back thousandfold for all you have received. The flutter of wings will fill the sky and you will know that your dedication was blessed, your transformation inspired, and your unfoldment destined, in the Light.

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