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Christmas In Puerto Rico

Christmas in Puerto Rico

written by: Natalia Aeschliman



I close my eyes,
On this cold winter’s night
Remembering the days of my youth
Taking me back to the warm nights
Of that island paradise
That I call home, even if I am far
Remembering the night
Our mother would take us outside
To collect grass
As we celebrated the 3 Kings day
I still remember the magic
The smile on our faces
As we picked grass to leave the camels
Those childhood days
When everything seemed possible
And never-ending
I still can taste my grandmother’s cooking
I still can hear my grandfather’s laughter
As she helped us put our toys together
I still remember the excitement
In my mother’s eyes.
Oh if I could only go back
Just one more time
To those days of childhood delight
The coqui singing outside my window
The warm sand
The parrandas of the neighbors
The love that never ended
The time of coming together
And forgetting differences
Forgetting everything
Because we were all in that moment,
Those Christmas days
In paradise island
And there we remained frozen
Now I have little feet of my own
Tiptoeing through the night
Digging through the snow
Finding bits and pieces of grass,
Keeping that tradition alive,
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Dia de Reyes

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